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Purple Heart Donations

Making a Purple Heart Donation

Many of us have seen through television programming the difficulties endured by returning veterans. Many come home having been injured and experiencing problems in readjusting to civilian life. It is through organizations like the Purple Heart Foundation that such veterans and their families have been able to receive assistance to help make their lives easier. In order for this foundation to however acquire sufficient funding to meet its cause, it must have the support of the public. It is not necessary that you make a financial donation as the foundation has many ways through which you can help them reach their goal.

Purple Heart donations can be made in a variety of forms. One that many are familiar with is the car donation program. Under this program any person with a car they intend to sell off or junk can instead donate it to the foundation. The foundation can then decide whether to sell it at auction to raise funding, use for the regular transport of veterans to medical appointments or hand it over to a veteran or family in need of a car. This donation is not just for cars, but rather anything that has an engine and moves. Trucks, RVs, boats, motorcycles and more are acceptable.

Donations can also be made in the form of household goods such as clothing and appliances. To know which particular items are acceptable, visit the foundations website that provides a very detailed list of acceptable and non-acceptable goods. When donating cars and household items, you do not need to deliver them yourself. You can arrange to have the items picked up from your residence. This can be very helpful in making your donation easier and you will receive your tax deductible IRS receipt delivered to you. You can also opt to make a small cash donation this can be done through your credit card or via text message with donation amounts beginning as low as $10.